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¡Very soon!

We hope in 60 days and counting down ;)

What's "Club Of Young Adventurers"?

A roleplaying game inspired by films like "The Goonies", "Young Sherlock Holmes" and "The Monster Squad", legendary collections like "The Famous Five" of Enid Blyton, and other films, books, TV shows and all kind of stuff that have been working on this concept for CENTURIES.

Here, the players incarnate a group of friends, teens, involved in adventures of mistery, investigation, riddles, surprises, challenges and so, that need to be solved a lot of Virtue, Logic and Common Sense.

Also you will found references to modern, famous sagas, like "Smallville" and "Harry Potter", among others.
This blog contains the english version of the spanish roleplaying game "El Club de los Jóvenes Aventureros".